Jupiter Daytime View | 21 Apr 2022

Two days ago, I viewed Venus as it crossed the meridian to the south at 10:26 am. I attached an old smart phone to the eyepiece in order to confirm settings and setup. It was an easy target. Image quality was not very good. But, it worked.

Venus @ 10:26 am 19Apr2022

I tried to image Jupiter as it passed the meridian at 11:00 am and didn’t succeed. I could see it with my naked eye. But the camera didn’t capture it. Removing the phone adapter to look through the eyepiece and then returning it for an image disturbed the alignment.

Today, we had a nice clear sky again. I chose a better smart phone with a higher resolution camera. I also hung a weight on the front of the telescope to counter-balance the phone and adapter. Imaging Venus proved easy.

I waited 30 minutes for Jupiter to reach the meridian and had the scope slew 3˚ up to it. The image needed a little processing. But, the planet was clearly visible even before the enhancement.

I am hopeful the morning of 30 April will be clear. Venus and Jupiter will be very close together in the same field of view. That will be a unique sight.


10 thoughts on “Jupiter Daytime View | 21 Apr 2022

  1. I’ve always been a bit circumspect about imaging planets in the daytime, especially when they are close to the Sun. Best to avoid.

    However this is not the first time you’ve put ideas into my head and attempting to do it at the meridian (effectively true north to me) is a method which reduces the chance of inadvertently aiming at the Sun.


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