Jupiter Nears Venus | 27 Apr 2022

The Moon was watching from below as Jupiter and Venus neared each another. This view was at 5:40 am local time. The closest approach for the two planets is Saturday 30 April. They will be separated by less than the width of our Moon. Get up and see it if you have clear skies.

5:40 am | 27 Apr 2022

8 thoughts on “Jupiter Nears Venus | 27 Apr 2022

  1. I have looked every day this past week. Sorry to say this view has eluded me. Thanks for the photos.

    • It was thick clouds for me today with them at closest approach. I’ll have to settle for watching them go apart.

  2. I did see these two stunning planets glowing early morning on my front porch on May 1st in Corpus Christi TX. (Yet not the moon that morning). By coincidence I clicked on domermom’s blog because we read a mutual bloggee friend who shares fantastic birds she photographs in Groton CT.

    I commented on domermom blog as she photograph what she saw and new more about the planet event. And shoreacre commented with a referral to your blog.

    As I said all the was a coincidence! Live your educational and insightful blog!!

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