Morning Planet Alignment | 14 Apr 2022

For several weeks, Venus and Mars and Saturn have been visible in the pre-dawn eastern sky. Today at 5:49 am, a very clear pre-dawn sky allowed a view low in the east to see if Jupiter was also visible. Yes, it was. Planetarium software predicted this to be my ideal view. Getting a photograph was a challenge.

Software view

Jupiter was down low and in the glow of the sky. Mars and Saturn are both far away and dim objects. Adjusting exposure for Jupiter meant Mars and Saturn were not visible in the photograph. Adjusting exposure for Mars and Saturn meant Jupiter was over-exposed and not visible. So, I took both photos, then copy-pasted the Jupiter portion onto the photo that showed Mars and Saturn. They are still difficult to see on a small viewing device like a phone or tablet. The labels and markers should help.

This alignment should be easier to see after about April 18. Jupiter will be higher. You still need to get out there before the Sun brightens the sky too much.

Composite | 14 Apr 2022 | 5:49 am

5 thoughts on “Morning Planet Alignment | 14 Apr 2022

  1. I think the much dimmer Neptune would also in that line up if the sky was dark, having just had a “close” encounter with Jupiter. If only I was a morning person…

    • You are correct. No amount of software fussing would get Neptune to show for me. … As we near April 30, watch Venus and Jupiter draw very near each other. You’ll need to get up early. 😐

  2. Hi Jim, I am yet to see the lineup. Weather has not been cooperating. I doubt if I would be able to see Jupiter. It may be obscured by the mountains, rising only when the sky is lightening. Great job on the photo to make its placement visible.

    • I understand. Things can be blocking the view. You could trek up into the high ground some early morning. Wait until April 30 and catch Jupiter and Venus close together.

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