Annular Eclipse | Sri Lanka | 26Dec2019

A solar eclipse took place on 26 Dec 2019 visible from Saudi Arabia to Guam, crossing India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. It took place during the night of Christmas for those of us in the U.S. I stayed up to watch it online a little before 10 pm.

Fred Espenak, NASA’s GSFC

The Astronomical Institute in Sri Lanka webcast the eclipse the entire duration. Their video is here. Annularity begins just before the 2 hour 5 minute mark. I selected the portion of their video showing the beginning to the end of annularity and sped it up by 4x.

5 thoughts on “Annular Eclipse | Sri Lanka | 26Dec2019

  1. That was nice of them, and nice of you to share it with us. Don’t you love science? Just think of all the superstitious people who freaked out at wonders like this, instead of LOOKING at it and thinking. Kind of like today…

    • Yes. People haven’t changed much since early times. They are still prone to anger, hostility, superstition, prejudice, etc. They are also prone to kindness, caring for others, generosity, acceptance, etc. I choose to be with the latter as much as possible. Thanks for being in my world.

  2. In fact, the explanations early peoples came up with for phenomenon like this weren’t due to a lack of thought, but a lack of information. Myth turns into superstition at the point where information is available, but is rejected in favor of older explanations. It’s actually quite amazing how deeply ingrained — and sometimes untaught — some of our supersitions are. It took decades for me to stop noticing cracks in the sidewalk after somehow being convinced as a child that if I stepped on a crack, I’d break my mother’s back!

    On the other hand, there is something about events like an eclipse that stir long-buried, almost primitive emotions. I’m always surprised by the number of people who turn out for our more common lunar eclipses. At the last one, there must have been twenty people just in my parking lot, staring skyward. It was great fun.

    • I still notice the thoughts to not step on cracks.

      Those who could predict the coming eclipses or conjunctions of planets etc. were very powerful people. I draw on some of that at times in holding a star party or sky viewing event. 🙂

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