Mars Moon Conjunction | 5 Sep 2020

Mars and the Moon rose in the east just before 10 pm. A few small clouds cleared revealing the pair. This at 9:59 pm.

Canon PowerShot SX60 HS | 9:59pm

I shot 3 more images at 10, 10:23, and 10:32, then aligned them with Photoshop Elements.

Canon PowerShot SX60 HS | Photoshop Elements composite

Also in view but to the south were Jupiter and Saturn. Keep watching J&S until late December. They will be in very close conjunction with each other at that time. It will be a beautiful and rare sight.

4 thoughts on “Mars Moon Conjunction | 5 Sep 2020

  1. Nice images, showing Lunar motion.

    Mars has been visible low in the East as I finished up my recent imaging sessions around midnight. About thirty degrees above the horizon, followed by the waning Moon last night.

    At Magnitude -2.0, it was as bright as I can ever recall seeing it, almost as bright as Jupiter. I was tempted to image it but I’ll wait until it gets a bit closer to opposition.

  2. Very fine post. Great shot getting Mars and the Moon together. I remember a few years ago trying to get A photo of Jupiter and the moon Close together. It is not easy. My results were poor. Mars is really looking good these nights.

    • I agree that Mars is looking good. I’ve looked for it high in the SW early in the morning. It is really bright. Lots of good images being made with powerful telescope and camera setups.

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