Occultation | Aldebaran Hidden Again

Once more, the Moon occulted the bright star Aldebaran in the constellation Taurus. Previous three posts are found here describing earlier occultations. I stepped out early to see if the sky was clear and got this image at 9:24 pm CST. My phone said the occultation occurred a few seconds past 9:52.

28 min prior to the 9:52 occultation

28 min prior to the 9:52 occultation

Aldebaran disappeared from view about 6 seconds into the video. I looked again at 10:33 pm and saw it had reemerged into view at the upper right of the Moon.


Earlier in the evening at 6:38 pm, I captured this slim crescent of Venus. It will quickly descend toward the Sun during the next two weeks and show a thinner crescent. On about 25 March, it will be aligned with the Sun and not in view. Early in April, it will emerge as a thin crescent before dawn.


14 thoughts on “Occultation | Aldebaran Hidden Again

  1. Once again, wonderful photos Jim. I have been disappointed with the weather in February. In the past, February has been one of the best months for star gazing. Thanks for the interesting post. Bob

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  2. Great photos, again, Jim. Here’s to you for taking the time and all. I watched as it happened at 11:10 where I am, not far from the graze line, and reappeared about 20 minutes later. No photos of it from me, but I just posted my thoughts on it down at my blog.

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    • Thank you. I was thankful for the clear skies. I had to set up next to my neighbor’s house to get out of the strong breeze. I’m glad I didn’t bump their house and make them wonder who was out there.


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