Orchid | Finally in Bloom

After months of waiting, our orchid is finally in bloom. It was a gift from a young woman who stayed with us while she worked in a local political campaign office. It was in bloom at the time. Soon after she left, the blooms dropped off and left a bare stalk. It looked so sad. I cut the stalk and cared for the plant as best I could. I never had an orchid before. It seems to be Phalaenopsis.

A few months ago, it sent up a new flower stalk. Buds appeared and slowly grew larger. A few days ago, this beautiful flower opened. Another opened today. I hope it brightens your day.

10 thoughts on “Orchid | Finally in Bloom

  1. They can look sad in that in-between stage, can’t they? It certainly is beautiful now. The color’s beautiful, but I think the buds are as interesting as the flower.

    I’ve never had one myself, but I had a neighbor once who seemed to grow them as easily as crabgrass. I suspect if I brought one into the house it would run afoul of the cat. I have enough trouble keeping my African violets out of her way. She finds the leaves irresistable.

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    • Patience is a virtue one needs when growing things like orchids and violets. I killed many violets over the years by over-watering and watering from the top of the soil. Now it is once a week and only in the base. Never too much. As to cats, we don’t have any. We did years ago. They would wreak havoc, I’m sure.

      I agree about the buds. They swell slowly to larger size. I noticed how they split and opened. Clever packaging by nature. Did you happen to see the Nova episode about origami? http://www.pbs.org/video/2365955827/

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      • I didn’t see the Nova episode, but I’m sending it on in about five minutes to a grade school teacher in Illinois who uses origami in her classroom on a regular basis. She may have seen it, but if she hasn’t, I know she’ll enjoy it. It’s on my to-be-watched list now, too.

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  2. Wonderful photos! I envy your green thumb. Lisa and I are not good with indoor plants. I think the problem is neglect (our parents never had time for us. . . just kidding. . . I mean we don’t water or fertilize 🙂 ) . My neighbour can grow anything in a container and has several orchids. They are beautiful. Do you have any wild ones in your area. I hope you and Melanie are having a good weekend. Bob


  3. You must really be excited. I recently attended a major Orchid festival, and it was so overwhelming to learn the varieties there are due to hybridization. The Phalaenopsis Orchid is one of my favorite and now they sell a smaller version of it too.

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