Moon Shots | With a Side of Mercury

Up at 6 am two days ago, I looked out the front window. The sky barely showed a glow from the Sun at the horizon. I looked up to see the thin crescent of the waning Moon.

Tuesday 27 Sep 2016

Tuesday 27 Sep 2016

I wondered if the next morning would show a thinner crescent. It was not to be. The cut-off low over the Great Lakes dragged low clouds across our area. I hoped for clear skies the day after that.

This morning I went to the same window at 6 am. I could see the sky was very clear. Where was the Moon? Maybe it was behind that tree in the neighbor’s yard. I carried the camera and tripod to the driveway. There it was, very low, close to the horizon, peeking around that tree. And, there was Mercury near it. What a good way to start the day.


Wednesday 29 Sep 2016

A thin 2% illumination with a side of Mercury.

A thin 2% illumination with a side of Mercury


What does October have in store for sky viewing? Watch this video to find out.


7 thoughts on “Moon Shots | With a Side of Mercury

  1. I always enjoy the little slivers of moon as much as a full moon. While not moon and planets related, I was out very early a few days ago, and the stars were as bright and clear as I’ve seen them for months — maybe even months and months. The only explanation I could come up with was that our humidity had dropped because of a so-so cool front, but it really was wonderful to be able to see them that way.

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    • That has happened here, too. The air is very clear and transparent. This morning the moon was quite low toward the horizon. It was as clear and non-hazy as I’ve ever seen it. This evening just after sunset I noticed the same thing.


  2. Wonderful shots Jim! And Mercury, fantastic! Poor weather here. Socked in. Missed all the Northern Lights everybody has been talking about. I knew I could count on you. Take care. Bob

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  3. Great photos! Thanks for sharing. We’ve been under a thick blanket of overcast for what seems like a year lately. I was hoping to get a chance to see the Moon and Mercury, too, but no luck.

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