Scotland | Barge Trip Coast to Coast

Part one of a great vacation in Scotland.

Our View From Iowa

by Jim and Melanie

Great Glen Fault

The city of Inverness opens to the North Sea via the Beauly and Moray Firths. The city of Fort William opens to the Atlantic Ocean via Loch Linnhe. Three inland lochs (lakes) Ness, Oich, and Lochy are aligned between the two cities along a geological fault called the Great Glen Fault. It was formed about 400 million years ago.

Navigation by ship between regions around Inverness and Fort William was a long and dangerous undertaking over 200 years ago. They had to go around the islands to the west, or around England to the south. Both journeys faced hazards of weather and piracy. The trips took a long time.

A canal was proposed to be built between Inverness and Fort William which would drastically shorten the journey. Much of the 60 miles would utilize the lochs. To raise and lower ships, a system of 29 locks were…

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3 thoughts on “Scotland | Barge Trip Coast to Coast

  1. Just received notification of your latest post, which sparked me to go backwards. Wow … appears to be a fabulous vacation. What sparked your interest to do this trip?


    • About a year ago, Melanie had the idea to do a whisky tour in Scotland. We let the idea sit on the back burner. In the late winter, we revisited the idea. As we browsed online for more info, she came across a blog describing this barge trip. We were hooked. It was great fun.

      We also did a 3 day scotch whisky tour. Also, great fun.

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