Solar Eclipse | 23 Oct | Partial Near Sunset

Late in the day on Thursday October 23rd, the Moon will pass in front of the Sun and obstruct part of it. This partial eclipse will occur at sunset on the east coast. Nearly all of the states will have the opportunity to see a crescent shape to the Sun. Southern states will see about 40% of the Sun eclipsed. Northern will see over 60% eclipsed.

Below this graphic is an excellent video from the staff of Science@NASA which explains more about the eclipse and some interesting things to try to see. Now all we need is good weather. I will talk to my sources to see if it can be arranged.

Additional details can be found at this article from the editors of Sky & Telescope. I suggest you take a look.


Sky & Telescope | Leah Tiscione


29 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse | 23 Oct | Partial Near Sunset

  1. It looks like our weather will be fine for people who want to view. On the other hand, despite our clear days, we’re getting haze and low cloud at sunset, so it may not be optimal. No matter — the show will go on, with or without an audience! Thanks for the reminder.


  2. I’m having a book group meeting at my house in central New Jersey at 2:00 that afternoon. It usually runs about an hour a half. I guess the other ladies will be driving home in the near dark! 😀


    • It is possible your group will let out a little before sunset. Talk about the possibility of seeing some effects. Make a pinhole viewer for each. It takes an index card with a hole punched by a thick toothpick. Project the light from the sun onto a white surface 3 or 4 feet away. You can see a crescent. Good luck.


      • As we are meeting to see a 1960 Russian movie of a Chekhov short story we read and analyzed last week, I’m not sure how receptive these ladies will be to pinholes in index cards after the teary end of the film. But I will try. One of the husbands is a scientist, and if he comes along, he may corral us all into obedience to your instructions. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! 😀

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  3. Thanks for the heads up! I hadn’t heard about it. That S&T piece is very helpful on what to expect. Our weather is settling into fall systems, one after the next, a lot of rain forecast this week, but we might get lucky. That pinhole projection is quite do-able, I’ve used those before, and even though the image is small, it’s pretty impressive to realize what’s happening right at that moment up there in space. Good luck on your weather too!


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