Solar Eclipse | Safe Viewing Methods

The current visible satellite images show many areas of the country will have clear conditions late this afternoon. Click on this link to see what might be in store for you. Online viewing is available at Slooh, and at several sites listed here by Sky & Telescope.

Here are two completely safe viewing methods for this evening’s solar eclipse. Push a thick pin, thin toothpick, or pencil point through an index card or piece of foil. Try to make the hole very round and not too big. Hold the pinhole two or three feet from a white surface so it projects sunlight onto it. Tape the card onto something so it is not moving.

Make a box viewer with the same pinhole technique. This will improve the contrast of the image. The link in the caption of the picture above has an interesting project that uses your cell phone and a box viewer to obtain an image of the eclipse.


7 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse | Safe Viewing Methods

  1. We are totally socked in with heavy cloud cover and rain, so I will be looking online – thanks for the links – and depending on you for great pictures!!!

    • About half of Iowa is cloudy with clearing on the way from the west. Trouble is, I live in the eastern half. 😦

      There might be an opening late. Fingers crossed.

  2. I saw the eclipse yesterday from a canoe. It was very pretty especially since about six dolphins gave us a grand show. I did not have a nice camera with me to show you a photo of it so you just have to take my word for it. Thanks for letting us know about these type of events!

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