Sundogs On A Cold Day

Our View From Iowa

This pair of sundogs appeared today in our Iowa view. I about froze walking half a block to get a picture. It is 0˚F and kind of windy. Low tonight is to be -15˚F. Warmer next week.


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6 thoughts on “Sundogs On A Cold Day

  1. Amazing! I can understand why you’re wearing mittens. Brrrr. Occasionally I see giant haloes around the moon, but no color of course. That’s a beautiful effect.

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      • Sundogs will show when ice crystals are in the air. The crystals are flat and act as prisms. Light refracts at 22˚ through them to our eyes. We see bright spots 22˚ on either side of the sun. There are more complex arrangements as well.

        The ice crystals can form sundogs in high cirrus clouds on nice summer days, too. In winter, we often get lots of wind driven crystals in the air with storms and arctic blasts. That makes them more common and spectacular like this on wikipedia from North Dakota.


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