Mars Occultation of 7Dec2022

The day started with clear skies that lasted until evening. At sunset, the Moon rose full. I captured this photo at 5:05 pm when it cleared the trees across the street. Mars is marked to the lower left of the Moon. At 9:03 pm, the occultation was to begin.

5:05 PM

By 7 pm, the pair had risen higher and were closer together. The skies remained clear which made me more hopeful of getting some video of the moments during occultation when Mars disappeared.

7:00 PM

I looked out the east window a few minutes before 9 pm and saw a cloud layer had moved in dimming the view and my hopes. I set up the camera and waited for a gap in the clouds and a brighter view before capturing this image. It needed some later adjustment with software to make it brighter.

8:50 PM

By the time of occultation, the clouds thickened and made the Moon barely visible and Mars not visible. I went inside and grumbled about it to Melanie. She told me to look for a streaming site carrying the event live. I went to Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles CA. I was able to use the video player to look back in time and see it happen through their telescopes. This video is from their broadcast showing the disappearance and then the reappearance of Mars on the other side an hour later.

Video from live stream of Griffith Observatory.

7 thoughts on “Mars Occultation of 7Dec2022

  1. Aha! We were headed to Polk City so I could give a book talk there. What a beautiful evening with that Cold Moon and Mars just off to its SSW side (from my vantage point). When I got to the library, I mentioned that it would occult Mars. Someone thought it should be obscure instead, but I’d looked it up twice. Occultation is a strange word for it. But, wow, what an evening!

  2. December seems is always cloudy here. I missed the Geminids. Great lead up shots.

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