Lunar Eclipse | 8 Nov 2022

It was election day in the U.S. I was up early to go serve as a poll watcher at my local voting place. Because of the lunar eclipse, I was up to view it before leaving the house. The Moon was low in the northwest beginning to encounter some tree branches.

In this first photo, the time was 5:26 am still during the totality phase. A dark tree branch in the foreground can be seen running vertically. I opened a living room window for the image using my digital camera on full zoom. Not quite in focus.

5:26 am | Canon PowerShot SX60 HS | ISO 1600 | 0.6s

I waited awhile for it to emerge from totality at 5:46 am. By then, it had moved farther down into the tree branches to see from the living room. I took the camera and tripod out to the driveway and got a clear view some 3 minutes later.

5:49 am | Canon PowerShot SX60 HS | ISO 1600 | 0.20s

8 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse | 8 Nov 2022

  1. There was some concern that clouds/fog would obscure the eclipse here, but when I went out about 4:15 the skies were perfectly clear. By 5:15, the fog had rolled in, but at least me and our NWS crew had seen it!

  2. Good images, Jim.

    I’m glad it was an evening eclipse here in Oz and I had time to set up outside after dinner.

    Your weather conditions seem nearly as bad as ours!


    • Today we reached near record highs for the date of 76˚F. By Friday, highs will struggle to reach 30˚. The will last most of next week. Ugh!

  3. Great shots Jim! It was overcast here. I was set to brave the cold at 3:30am but no point. The night after was clear as a bell. Take care. P S I have a new camera ordered and on its way.

      • We are getting a Nikon D850. Our D700’s are about 15 years old. The 850 has 45.7 megapixels on a full frame sensor compared to 12 megapixels on the 700. The extra resolution will really come in handy for astrophotography. Hope you guys are well. I see Iowa went mostly red again.

        • Iowa is so red it is infrared. The Webb telescope would be blinded if it focused on the state. My county went completely blue. The other 97 went red.

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