JWST | First Science Images Soon

The James Webb Space Telescope team is about to reveal the first science images. The countdown clock is set for July 12. There are several ways you can view the images. This NASA blog post lists them with links to get you there. Set your calendar.


8 thoughts on “JWST | First Science Images Soon

  1. Thanks, but I am a little concerned that the images themselves might disappoint when compared to Hubble or others. The real value of JWST is likely to be in the expert interpretation of the data I think. One example: the detection of oxygen on exoplanets. Do you agree, Jim?

    • Hubble images were impressive largely because of their visual qualities. The subjects were closer, more detailed, and large. JWST will be seeing galaxies at huge distances and lookback time. No doubt some differences. I am ready and eager.

    • It was not a surprise. The bigger your target, the more often you will get hit. Tests have shown the scope is still going to perform better than expected. Let’s hope there isn’t a big bullet lurking out there aimed at JWST.

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