Jupiter and Venus Cross Paths

During April 2022, the morning predawn sky had Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter in various alignments. In the last days of April, Jupiter approached Venus and closed the angular distance between them as seen from our perspective on Earth. This short video shows the locations of the planets as time is stepped forward from 27 April to 4 May. Notice how Earth, Venus, and Jupiter are nearly along the same line of sight at the middle of that time interval.

I hoped to get an image of Venus and Jupiter on 30 April when they were at their closest angular distance of about 0.3˚. Our Moon’s diameter in the sky is only 0.5˚. But, cloudy skies during that time prevented any sight of the pair. Today, 4 May, the sky was finally clear. I got a good image of Jupiter well past and to the right of Venus. This composite aligns today’s image with 3 previous images.

I assumed someone in the world had a clear sky on 30 April and got an image of the two planets together in the same field of view of a telescope eyepiece. I check daily for interesting astronomical images on Spaceweather Gallery. There I found an image by Particio Leon in Santiago, Chile, taken at 11:27 am local time. They displayed differences in size, phase and surface brightness. He used a Canon Canon EOS Rebel T7i through his 8″ telescope with settings of f/6, 1/320s, and ISO100. I took the liberty of rotating his image to simulate my view from the northern hemisphere if I had been able to witness it myself.

Patricio Leon | Santiago, Chile

13 thoughts on “Jupiter and Venus Cross Paths

    • I guess they did more sky watching in those days and nights. We can barely see the night sky in most places due to light pollution.

  1. I have always wanted to see Orion from the Southern Hemisphere. Backwards it would appear. I had to think about the planets. Planets passing each other is when man imagined the solar system. Many years later they figured out the tilt. Then came along people that could see it all in an instance and tried to communicate it to everyone in language that hadn’t been invented yet (Mozart, Einstein, Van Gogh).

    Very disappointed I missed this lineup of planets.

    • I use desktop planetarium software to view the sky from different places on Earth. It is confusing to see things turned or upside down. Normal for them.

  2. Thanks for the regular morning planetary update. I was outside last night with my telescope until 12.30 am. Maybe I should have stayed there till dawn.

  3. No all-nighters for me.

    I was banned from Messier Marathons because I had a “Go to” telescope, which was regarded as cheating. My cartoon on Cosmic Focus is relevant:

    • I like that cartoon. Your stick people are quite good. I was a stick-person whisperer in my days in the classroom. 🙂

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