Dial-a-Moon | 2022

What will the Moon look like on any date in 2022? What will it look like on your birthday? Find out at NASA Dial-a-Moon. An example of what you will see is pictured below for 16 January 2021. The 2022 dates will give a different phase of the Moon. Set dates and see views for readers in the northern hemisphere and for southern hemisphere by following either link. Enter any month and day to see a high definition image. You may leave the universal time (UT) hour at the default value. If you want to be more precise, your local-to-Universal time conversion can be done at this link. Or, type ‘universal time’ into Google. Go back to Dial-a-Moon to enter the UT.

After visiting Dial-a-Moon, scan down that web page for a wealth of additional information about the Moon’s motions and appearance. The images of Dial-a-Moon are made from those of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) in low altitude orbit around the Moon since 2009.

A Year of Moon Motions

The collection of accurate images of the Moon for each hour have been made into the movies below, each lasting about 5 minutes. Try watching full screen for the best visuals. Versions of the movies are available for readers in the northern and the southern hemispheres.

The Moon’s peculiar wobble and tipping motions are explained at this blog post.

Northern hemisphere

Southern hemisphere


8 thoughts on “Dial-a-Moon | 2022

    • Back in mid-Dec, I sent a package to your address. It was a 5 cm diameter cardboard tube about 40 cm long. A poster was in it that had a lunar calendar on it and a note from me. The people at the post office seemed to do a lousy job of attaching the address to it. I am not certain it will ever make it to your address. I just wanted to let you know it is on the way. But, it might end up in mail hold heaven forever.

      • Hi Jim, thank you so much, however it hasn’t shown up yet. I will keep my eye out for it and let you know if it makes it. Maybe it has become waylaid in the Christmas rush and will arrive in its own due time. Take care. Say hello to Melanie, I hope she is keeping the long arm stitcher busy through the winter. Lots of snow here.

        • Melanie says thanks. I hope the mailing shows up this year. If next year, consider it an art work instead of a calendar. 🙂

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