James Webb Telescope Deployment

The James Webb Space Telescope was successfully launched on Christmas morning from Kourou, French Guiana. It is coasting toward the location called LaGrange Point L2 where it is to be stationed for its scientific mission. Details of the mission and the telescope are described in this post by fellow blogger Steve Hurley in Explaining Science.

Where us JWST located at this time? NASA has a convenient website to answer that question.

The next month will be busy for the scientists and engineers as they carry out the multiple steps needed to deploy all the necessary parts of the JWST to make it fully functional. A timeline is available giving step by step descriptions of the deployments. Visit that deployment timeline here. Notice on that site that event times and descriptions are given. Short video links are available showing the deployments.

Another video is available showing the entire process that is planned over the month following launch. It last less than 2 minutes and is included here. If you are interesting in greater detail, explore the timeline. This is the nominal timeline. It will be altered if difficulties arise that need to be addressed.

9 thoughts on “James Webb Telescope Deployment

  1. A boat load of single points of failure the have to work perfectly for this think to be a success. Plenty of money was invested in R&D and simulation, so fingers are optimistically crossed.

  2. I watched the launch, after the fact, on you tube. Learned nominal is a good thing. Looking forward to the images beamed from the young universe back to us mere mortals. A wonderful day for science.

  3. It was a very exciting launch, conveniently before bedtime here in Oz.

    After so many disappointing delays, it was an amazing feeling to watch it soaring so fast into the sky at last. I’m following the deployments and hoping all goes well.

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