Lunar Eclipse For Night Owls

The Moon passes through the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow in the early morning hours of 19 Nov 2021. Normally, that would be called a total lunar eclipse. Not quite this time. About 3% of the Moon will not enter the umbra at 3:03 am. But, it will still be a worthy sight. This diagram from Sky & Telescope shows the details for the central time zone in the US. More information can be found at this S&T url.

I set my planetarium software to illustrate the eclipse. It starts at midnight and proceeds to 6 am. The video lasts 25 sec.

17 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse For Night Owls

  1. I’ll be monitoring this with my tripod and camera because theoretically it’s visible here in Oz from sunset, very low in the East.

    In practice I am expecting the very poor weather conditions to wipe it out completely, so I am looking forward to seeing the images from elsewhere!

    • It is forecast to be almost clear and -5˚C. Good chance I will need to get up at 3 am for a nature call. I’ll have to take a look in that case.

  2. I will attempt that 3:03am CT excursion to capture the 97%. It will be at 38 deg above South here. So weather permitting all systems should be a go. Will use my big scope/same setup used for last week’s Crescent shots.

    • I did twice. First at about 75% and later at 97% when it was max. All I had to do was look up out the bedroom window. Easy and warm.

  3. I managed to get up around 4 a.m. to see this. It was kind of a miserable hour to wake up, and it was so bleeping cold outside! But it was still totally worth it. I was also startled to see the Pleiades looking so bright that night. I think it was a contrast thing, where the Moon being in shadow made the Pleiades seem brighter than usual.

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