7 thoughts on “Astro Images | Dust Lanes

  1. Nicely done. It also highlights the bulging stars above the nucleus.
    With full moon behind us and Spring arriving here today, I’m looking forward to getting the ‘scope out again soon.

    • Thanks. Last evening was very clear. I invited the neighbors across the street to come over for views of Jupiter and Saturn. They have a boy in 5th grade and a girl in 1st. It was fun to show them. I was about that boy’s age when my folks gave me my first scope. The moon was peeking over the rooftops as we finished.
      I hope your opportunities are many for looking.

  2. Well, even without traffic it will take the Aliens a long time to get here. Can’t wait to see what the Webb telescope will reveal.

  3. Fantastic! Incredible picture and colour rendition. Without dark matter, which we really can’t explain, those outer clouds would break free. No matter how much we tinker with the numbers the sky is a wonderful place that takes more than a million lifetimes to figure out.

    • I laid on my back at 9pm tonight with my 15x binocs looking straight up. So many stars. I couldn’t find the groupings easily.

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