Annular Solar Eclipse | 10 Jun 2021

This morning the Sun was in annular eclipse for a small part of the world. Parts of Canada, Greenland, as well as northern Siberia, were graced with views. At sunrise here in the midwest of the U.S. I was not able to see any of it. Instead, I went to Time and Date for live telescopic views streamed from several locations. The views were excellent from Science North, a science center located in northern Ontario in the city of Sudbury. The Sun rose with the Moon covering most of it illustrated by this screen shot.

For an annular eclipse, the syzygy alignment of the Moon in front of the Sun does not quite cover the entire solar disc. The Moon is a little too far away and appears slightly smaller than the Sun. It is a memorable event anyway. Here is a sequence of images showing the Moon decreasing its coverage of the Sun as seen in Sudbury. Note the time stamps in the lower right corner of each image. Click for a larger view.

Two weeks before there was a lunar eclipse where the Moon passed into the shadow of the Earth. This syzygy alignment was best seen in the western part of the U.S. and in the Pacific. It started before sunrise as the full Moon was setting in the west. I was in Bentonville Arkansas in a hotel. The night before at check-in I asked for a 3rd floor room on the west side so I had a view in case the sky was clear the next morning. I was lucky and got a brief view of the partial phase just before sunrise as it disappeared into a low cloud bank. The phone camera on full zoom made it a bit fuzzy.

4 thoughts on “Annular Solar Eclipse | 10 Jun 2021

  1. I love eclipses, solar or lunar. They are an opportunity to watch the solar system in motion. Also a chance to marvel that astronomers can accurately predict such events years in advance. They always come true, unlike various predictions of other circumstances made by non-scientific people and organisations.

    • That predictable behavior is appealing to me, too. Now and then we get treated to surprises like supernova and comets.

  2. Good shot Jim! I would have liked to see the sun rising in partial eclipse. Unfortunately we were out of the moon and suns path.

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