Crystal Bridges

The city of Bentonville, Arkansas is home of the Walmart corporation. The community is supported in many ways by the corporation. One of the most popular is the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, opened in 2011, and founded by Alice Walton, the daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton. We visited recently on our way to another destination.

Crystal Bridges can accommodate up to 300 people at a gathering. Outdoor areas are available for concerts and public events. There are many nature trails on the wooded grounds. About 300 people are employed. It is within walking distance of downtown Bentonville. Admission to the museum and grounds is free except for any special exhibits such as Craft America which we attended.

Nature Trail Art

We arrived mid-morning before the heat of the day so we could walk the trails and see the outdoor works. Not many people were present. The natural areas are well-kept with many labels on the plants native to the area. Here are a few examples of the artworks we encountered.

Indoor Exhibits

Crystal Bridges has agreements with other museums to share collections. Their collection includes works from thee Colonial Era to Contemporary Art. Here is a link to some of their selected works. The works are housed in galleries in several buildings connected around a small lake. Docents are available for questions and direction. We also visited the Craft America special exhibit in a separate building. The following image gallery is from that special exhibit.

We enjoyed our visit to the museum and the community of Bentonville. The town still has some small town charm with a public square in the center. Restaurants are abundant and good. We suggest a visit if you are passing through.

12 thoughts on “Crystal Bridges

  1. I’ve been there twice, although I’ve only been there in autumn. I’m hoping someday to visit in the spring; I’ve heard the grounds are marvelous then.

    • The flowers were in bloom. Everything was very green. I hope you will make it.
      I think you blogged about your visits. Right? That is one of the reasons we chose to check it out.

  2. It’s nice to see the Walton family giving a bit back to the local community. While I’ve been in the area, I’ve never visited the town, but I’ve been told that it’s a much more desirable destination and place for relocation than much of the rest of the state. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Crystal Bridges is about 60 miles south of Joplin where we live. We’ve enjoyed it several times; it’s a gem for sure! Hope you made time for lunch in it’s restaurant which we found relaxing and first-class.

    • We enjoyed enjoyed dinner and lunch at two restaurants on the lovely downtown square. We also sat in the park and had some ice cream.

  4. Wow, this place looks amazing! I’ve only been to Arkansas once, and that would have been before 2011. If I ever go back, I will definitely want to check this place out!

  5. This place came on my radar because I like to watch P. Allen Smith and he has featured it. I’m glad you were able to go see it~hopefully we will as well.

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