Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction 2020

It has been fun watching the progress of Jupiter and Saturn over the recent months as they neared each other. I started photographing them November 8th. My camera memory setting opens with the same parameters each time for zoom, ISO, f-stop, shutter, etc. I put it on a tripod and got the images at about the same time on 11 dates as indicated in this image. Using Photoshop Elements, I overlaid the new images as layers on top. Saturn’s positions were aligned with a very faint straight line in the image. Jupiter was always placed in the same location for reference.

16 thoughts on “Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction 2020

  1. I was wondering what you were going to do with this. I’ve been surprised how many people I know on Facebook who have telescopes and produced really cool photos. Unfortunately it’s been cloudy here.

  2. Excellent and creative way to track this event. Realizing it’s about to get very cold and soon the planets will fall too far to the horizon, I hope your photographic narrative still has a few chapters left.

  3. Excellent photos tracking the planets. I was able to see it last night through a window in the clouds.

  4. Great perspective. I was lucky enough to see it right outside my front door. I really wish I had a telescope because there were a lot of visible planets as well. I remember like it was yesterday, back in 1987 when we were fortunate to have an astronomer from Lick visit the school during the harmonic convergence. It was so awesome to see Saturns rings close up and the astronomer did an excellent job in explaining the size and distance to the kids in relative terms to their own environment.

  5. I enjoy your photographic work so much. We went out to view the “close approach” with binoculars at dusk and were able to pick them out.
    Thanks for making and sharing this neat record.

  6. This is fascinating to see Jim. Thanks for taking the time to monitor and share. I watched as best I could – using my binoculars – here in Colombia during the week leading up to Dec 21st. It was a great show even using rudimentary equipment.

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