Jupiter and Saturn Come Together

Have you been watching Jupiter and Saturn in the southwest evening skies soon after sunset? They are getting closer together. By late December they will be nearly in the same position in the sky. This composite image used 4 images I superimposed in the recent two weeks. The thin line shows how close their encounter will be. Keep watching the show.

7 thoughts on “Jupiter and Saturn Come Together

  1. Six arc minutes apart, low in the SW sky after sunset on 21st December – with all four Galilean satellites visible. It’s going to be a great show to watch for several days around that date.

    Please continue to keep us all updated, as it will be clouds (or bushfire smoke) all the way here in Sydney. I just know it.

  2. Hi Jim, I am looking forward to this conjunction. Hoping also for some clear skies. The Geminids fly in December. I might try to get a photo of a meteor streaking past Saturn and Jupiter. The peak is on 12th/13th. The two planets won’t be at their closest, still it would be a very rewarding shot to get. Take care. Bob

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