Cumulative Cumulus

I enjoy using the NightCap app on my iPad. It has several time exposure settings for special night situations such as star trails, ISS passes, and meteors. It also has a light trails setting. One could set the iPad in a dark scene and move a flashlight around painting lines, figures, or words in the time exposure. I wondered if that setting would work in a bright blue sky scene with passing white cumulus clouds.

The iPad was propped up at about 45˚ and the exposure was started. This first photo was for 33 seconds. Notice the tree leaves at the left. They were moving with the breeze and were blurred. The clouds streaked during the exposure from lower left to upper right for a weird and pleasing effect.

NightCap | Light Trails mode | 33 sec

More clouds drifted by in this 323 sec exposure. I think this experiment deserves more trials to see what other interesting effects it can produce. What do you think?

NightCap | Light Trails mode | 323 sec

8 thoughts on “Cumulative Cumulus

  1. Very cool. I like the effect. I bet you could use the app to get some interesting water photographs. Or wind in the crops. I heard you have a few fields of corn and soybeans in Iowa. 🙂 All the best. PS Sure hope you and Melanie are getting your place back to normal after that devastating derecho.

    • Good ideas. Many 🌽 fields around here are lying flat and don’t wave in the wind. The insurance claim person is to be here on the 31st.

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