Daytime Mars With Moon

It was 6:22 am CDT. Sunrise was 6:09. I stepped outside with binoculars to see if Mars was visible near the Moon. Yes, it was easy to see. The Moon will be near Venus the morning of 15 August.

Canon PowerShot SX60 HS | ISO 100 | 1/40 sec

8 thoughts on “Daytime Mars With Moon

  1. Can you see it without binoculars? There was a planet near the moon about 5:45 yesterday morning, but I forgot to look it up when I got home. What a gorgeous walk I had before sun-up!

    • I couldn’t see it without binoculars. The sky was too bright. If it had been earlier, I could have seen Mars easily in the darker sky. Yesterday, Mars would have been left of the Moon.

  2. When I practiced celestial navigation in the USN I would occasionally take the moon’s elevation during the daytime. On a clear day, it was easy to do.

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