NEOWISE | iPad and NightCap

We had very clear skies last night about 10 pm. We walked a few doors down our street carrying a small telescope, tripod, and our iPad. That placed us between two streetlights. Our street runs SE to NW. Looking SE, there were Jupiter and Saturn. A quick setup of the Astroscan scope gave us nice views.

Looking NW, we both easily spotted comet NEOWISE with our naked eyes. The telescope view on 30x was great. We set the iPad with the NightCap app on long exposure and zoomed in a little. Pretty good for an iPad, we thought.

NightCap | Long Exposure mode | 21 sec

High above was Ursa Major. We got a shot of it, too. Both images were merged into this wider view giving some perspective on where to look for the comet. In the next week, it will be below U Major and move a little up to the left each night. Click for a bigger view.

NightCap | Long Exposure mode| 21 sec

14 thoughts on “NEOWISE | iPad and NightCap

  1. It’s easy to see why astronomical events have inspired so many omens and predictions, especially comets. Their “tails” suggest both speed and direction. I’m reminded of Carl Sagan’s last book, “The Demon Haunted World.”

  2. My FB post this morning: The bad news: Couldn’t find Neowise. Suburban sky just not dark enough.

    The good news: The new shoulder was a trooper with binoculars.

    The surprises: The tops of the trees are busy with fireflies.
    A bat swooped by to check me out.

  3. As soon as I started hearing about the comet, I knew I would get helpful information from you — sort of a “just the facts, ma’am,” post that gives me the information I need. Now I know where to look, although where I live, I think trees will be in the way. I may have to go down to the highway and pull off and look, to get an unobstructed view. I will let you know if I see it!

  4. Wonderful shots! When I saw ‘Nightcap’ in the title I thought you may have gone comet hunting with a dram or two of Scotch. 🙂 I read in your comments about a neighbour asking where to look to see it fly by, I also have had several people ask me the same. I can almost feel their disappointment when I explain it doesn’t whizz by at a specific time of night. Take care.

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