Sunrise Solargraph

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase ‘Never in a month of Sundays’. I offer you a month of sunrises between 30 Aug and 26 Sep 2019 out my front window. Bright streaks were caused by the sun shining through the hole of the pinhole camera onto light sensitive paper. Missing sections were caused by clouds blocking the sun. The streak farthest left was from 30 Aug. The one farthest right was from 26 Sep just after the autumn equinox when the sun rises directly east.

A solargraph of the same scene was made during a week back in late May which yielded this set of lines. East is in the center of the image. Northeast is the left edge and southeast is the right edge of the view.

Using Photoshop Elements, I copied the May exposure onto the more recent one to illustrate how far the sun had progressed south as the summer ended. It will track even farther as it moves into the winter months reaching its most southern position at the winter solstice. The pinhole camera is currently set up to record for the next 3 months.

More information about solargraphs can be found at this post.

14 thoughts on “Sunrise Solargraph

  1. This is really neat. I shared this with our programmers here in Cusco who work on heating/cooling load calculation software (MJ8 software). We are so close to the equator here that the sun’s trajectory appears very similar all year around.

    • Thanks for your comment. We were in Peru a year ago to visit and noticed how high the sun was. For us in the middle of the U.S. it varies much during the seasons. I now have a pinhole camera set up to record sunrises until late December. It has been doing so for over a month already. I will be sharing the results if they look decent.

    • A solar graph is currently being exposed that started several weeks ago. It will go until the winter solstice. I hope it turns out and looks interesting.

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