Solar Panels | Array Construction

A few days after the site was prepared, a 3 person crew arrived with 8 solar panels. They quickly set to work building the support framework on the piers. Their work took one day.


The finished array looked as we expected, is easy to get under to mow, and doesn’t shade the little garden patch much.

The underside has interconnected electronics and screen wire to keep birds from nesting under it. It looks good from the street, matching the roofline slope.

The electrician came a few days later to hook the array electrical system to the house meter. If we produce more electricity than we need, the meter will run in reverse crediting our account. It is designed to offset 80-85% of our annual kw-hr needs.

Inspection took place and the system passed. Next post  will come after the system is turned on and performance numbers can be shared. Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Solar Panels | Array Construction

  1. Good luck with panels. I’ll be interested in your reports on them through the winter. That to me is the one main concern here in the Midwest (and above) is how they hold up to the snow, sleet, and ice (and hail). That yours are not on your roof is a benefit since there are no house structure maintenance implications.

    • We will be keeping track of performance and of issues like those you mention. Being dark and tilted toward the sun, I assume that will promote melting of snow and/or ice. The structure is very sturdy. Our roofing is due for replacement in a few years. These will pose no issue for that. Thanks for your comments.

  2. That is just so cool. Wouldn’t it be great if builders were required to install them on all new builds? If everyone had them on their roof, we wouldn’t need so many centralized power plants and all the problems they create.

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