Climate Crisis Town Hall | 4 Sep 2019

A seven hour program about Climate was presented by CNN on 4 Sep 2019. Each of 10 Democratic presidential candidates was given 40 minutes to present their plans for addressing climate change and to answer questions from moderators and the audience. Finally there was substantive discussion on this topic in primetime TV hours.

Vox reporters watched it all and compared the policies and ideas proposed by the candidates. They published a story on 5 Sep giving 6 winners and 3 losers in the town hall. Their overall winner was Washington Gov. Jay Inslee who wasn’t even in the program that night. He dropped out in August. But, he has put out over 200 pages of policy very detailed and ambitious. The other candidates have been paying attention to him. Quoting Vox:

Inslee sat down with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in Seattle last week as she was crafting her climate plan. He chatted with former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Sens. Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, and Amy Klobuchar. Former housing secretary Julián Castro has been “looking for me,” Inslee told Vox Wednesday, but they haven’t been able to connect yet.

Other winners were the audience questioners and CNN for hosting.

Click this image or this link to read the Vox story about all the winners and losers.

Edward M. PioRoda | CNN

7 thoughts on “Climate Crisis Town Hall | 4 Sep 2019

  1. We have an existential issue on our hands and all we, as a society, can think about is the president’s tweets. I’m glad I have lots of gray hair and won’t be around to experience the worst of it.

  2. Here in Oz, there seems to be a growing acceptance that stronger action needs to be taken on Climate Change. However, when elections are held, the party which offers the biggest income tax cuts always wins.

  3. They probably don’t, deliver, that is. It is pitiful to see people fall for the same things every time. I’m glad you posted this. It looks like it is going to take some time to mine it thoroughly. I’m so glad that other candidates are listening to Jay Inslee. Taking care of the environment is where he comes into his own.
    Let’s face it~it is people, over time, who create a culture that leads to policy. I shudder to think of the culture that has led to our current state of affairs.
    We put so much emphasis on what policy is, but we all know that it is our individual actions and decisions that will turn the tide. Do we want to be like donald and do bad things because it is technically legal, or will we choose the right path? I believe we need to stop buying so much STUFF, and start talking to our stores and restaurants about straws and styrofoam. Yes, these things cause pollution when they are discarded. But they cause tremendous pollution being manufactured in the first place!
    We hear so much from politicians about following their base, and I’ve concluded that those in office are not “leaders”, they are followers. Let’s give them something better to follow! It really is amazing what a difference the individual can make. Those of us with grey hair have an opportunity here. WE can teach and lead and be influencers. Think small, just try speaking up in your daily life. It works, it really does.

  4. I think Gov. Inslee achieved his purpose in running which was to shine a spotlight on the critical issue of climate change. He knew that, otherwise, it would get lost in the shuffle for votes.

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