Total Solar Eclipse | GOES-West View

A total solar eclipse took place on 2 July 2019. It was visible in the South Pacific and the southern tip of South America. The eclipse was imaged by the NOAA GOES-West weather satellite stationed over the equator above the Pacific Ocean. The video plays the eclipse 3x.

Dark areas on the globe are nighttime. The shadow of the Moon appears at the sunrise night-to-day boundary in the South Pacific. It moves east toward the southern tip of South America. It disappears at the sunset day-to-night boundary.

Here are three nice views from Chile by Sebastian Voltmer at the ESO La Silla Observatory.

9 thoughts on “Total Solar Eclipse | GOES-West View

  1. I saw my first partial solar eclipse in 1954 but have yet to witness a totality.
    Hopefully I will still be around in 2028, so I can shoot the full solar eclipse in all its glory, as it path of totality passes right over my house.

    • Hang in there until then. It is an experience you will love. I’ve been in two. The first was 1999 in Stuttgart. The second in 2017 much closer to my home in mid-America. In it, my 6 yr old grandson was with me. He kept saying ‘awesome’. That made me feel good.

    • Can you imagine the power one would wield long ago if an eclipse was predicted and darkened the sky. Today, it is powerful and we know what is happening.

  2. We viewed the 2019 Eclipse in Chile, near Cachiyuyo about 200 km north of La Serena. We were considerably off the center line. I was annoyed about that — the tour changed the viewing location without letting us know until 3 days before. But it turned out very well. The sun was peaceful. We only saw one small flare. But being off the center line we saw the chromosphere as a dark red arc along about a third of the circumference. Hadn’t seen that in any of our previous eclipses. Our first was Winnipeg in 1979.

    • It sounds like you’ve seen several. Good for you. My first was in Stuttgart in 1999. We had a nice annular one in the Midwest a few years later. They are beautiful events. Will you be going to the one in 2024?

      • Yes. We plan to. Likely we will go to Mexico or Texas to be near max duration. In 2017 we were at Carbondale and coaxed my mom, sister and b-i-l to come down from Lima, OH. We might go to Carbondale again in 2024, or if Mom is still alive (she will be 3 months short of 100 then) we will go to Lima which will be in totality and pretty close to the center line and have over 3 min. I will have to breathe during that one.

        • Good. I have no plan yet. I have a cousin on the centerline in Indiana. Maybe he needs a visit. Trouble is, the Midwest weather has a lot of clouds. Mexico or TX would be better for that. I hope your Mom makes it.

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