Solargraph 6 | West Facing Deck

Another weeklong ‘snapshot’ exposure is finished. Four previous solargraph posts are here. The pinhole camera can was sitting on the wooden floor of the deck facing west. During several of the days the sky was clear which allowed the path of the sun to trace nicely down to the right. The traces are still shifting north (to the right) each day as we progress toward the summer solstice in late June.

The light-sensitive photo paper was put on a flatbed scanner to capture the image above. For the image below, Photoshop Elements was used to invert darks to lights and lights to darks.

The software was then used to convert to a greyscale image. Our weather this spring is still unsettled. The deck furniture is covered under a tarp at the right. The trees are beginning to leaf out. The boards of the deck floor are visible at the bottom. Curvature is accentuated because the image paper is wrapped halfway around the inside of the metal can.

5 thoughts on “Solargraph 6 | West Facing Deck

  1. Fantastic capture! I like that used the side of the metal can to place your paper, kind of like a wide angle pinhole camera! Also can see a fine separation of the sun streaks, proof it is getting higher.

    • I plan to find a good location to set the can for a very long time of a few months. I’ll use the smallest pinhole aperture. It should capture the sun’s movement even better.

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