Dislikes and Likes

In a recent post by fellow blogger The Belmont Rooster, he described his list of things he dislikes most. Near the top was getting stuck as in mud or snow on his family farm. I commented how it would be interesting to see the rest of his top 10 list. He obliged and posted the rest of his list. Many of his dislikes are coupled with things he is thankful for in order to counteract the negativity. He is a very positive person. Below are my own lists, not in any particular order and certainly not exhaustive. Feel free to add some of your own down in comments.


1. Thorns, especially on locust trees. A finger poke swells and hurts for at least 2 weeks. I do like the shade the trees give the house in summer afternoons.

2. Cancer. We are making progress.

3. Liars. I can’t think of a positive.

4. Colds. There is medicine to help cope.

5. Platelet donation needle in the arm. People are being helped by the donations.

6. When deer eat my flowers. Can’t think of a positive.

7. Ads and commercials. It is a source of income.

8. Wasted food and resources. No positives here.

9. Hypocrites. There is a slim chance they might change.

10. 24/7 news, fake news, social media. I can turn it off and do something else.


1. My family

2. People who help others

3. Good teachers

4. Smiles and Hugs

5. A warm bed

6. Chocolate

7. Science

8. Astronomy

9. Art and creativity

10. Guitar and the blues


7 thoughts on “Dislikes and Likes

  1. VERY GOOD! I think most people have many of the same and dislikes based on where they live, their activities, their environment, etc. So, when we read someone else list we can completely agree. Locust tree thorns can be a problem for farmers who have them get stuck in their tractor tires. I like the way the thorns look on the trees, though. I like the filtered shade the leaves provide, too. Being lied to and deceived would be high on anyone’s list. Actually, I don’t think my lists were in any particular order. I take Elderberry capsules so I have no problem with colds. Cancer is definitely a problem that frustrates me and I don’t want to talk about it. Deer eating plants… As many plants as I have and as many deer as there are here I am surprised I haven’t had more of a problem. One nibble on one of my Hosta one year and the Agastache ‘Black Adder’ by the side steps they really enjoyed. Wasted food… I decided that when I through food out (leftovers in the frig I don’t eat) are actually consumed by wildlife so it really isn’t wasted. Wasted resources is a big problem, though. Fake news is deception at a high level. I seldom read or watch the news. Over the years I have just learned to walk away from people who are “puffed” up in themselves. You have to always be cautious to “new people” who come into your life. I have very few “best friends” that I have known for practically all my life.

    Family is very important and we should all help others along life’s journey. We are all teachers in one way of another and we must always make sure we teach from our heart. Leading by example is important as well. Who can resist chocolate and a nice warm bed…

    Thanks for sharing your list! I hope others do the same. It is very interesting!

  2. I too, dislike liars and I’m grateful that I don’t have to hang around such people. No good really though I have noticed my perception and detective skills improved.

    I also dislike ads and comercials…in fact we either stream or prerecord shows we like so we can zap through comercials. Sometimes I do find useful items that I would not have discovered has I not seen an ad.

    I dislike parasitic people who prey on the good, generous people of the world…if at all possible I try to avoid such people. If they are family or close friends I try to help them and if appropriate, coach them on setting boundaries so they are not taken advenage of…so I guess parasitic people give me opportunities to help others.

    I dislike lacking self discipline at times. Areas in which I put effort and energy into something and gained only to allow external situations, whims and justification to lose out on earlier wins…dumb double work. Can’t think of a positive on this one.

    I’m with you on the 24/7 news, fake news…why create unhappiness in life? Though sometimes I let myself get so out of touch that I’m not aware of current situations that affect family and friends so the news can be informative.

    I dislike a government that is more interested in being right instead of doing what is best for the country. It seems these last two presidents in particular have had to deal with more opposition in the Senate and House and they have lost sight of what they were there for. I am grateful for our democracy.

    I dislike sensationalism…I’m grown up and can handle straight and simple facts. I guess this could be a tool for someone in the entertainment industry, I really don’t have use for it.

    I dislike people who have such fixed ideas that they can’t imagine ant other way or opinion. Nothing positive.

    I dislike people who treat children badly, physically or verbally. Nothing positive, though I used to confront them and tell them to stop. Not so much anymore…too much retaliatory action going on these days.

    Pills that discovered in your mouth before you can swallow them…nasty tasting! I like that we do have medicine and supplements to improve our health.


    I love taking pictures.

    I love learning and discovering new things. I’ve got a curious mind and I’m not afraid of research.

    I love gardening and could spend all day outside with the plants and birds and butterflies.

    I like taking day trips for photography, blogging and generally well being.

    I like water…swimming in it taking showers, watering my plants hearing it in the background or just looking at it.

    I love the wind whether it be gentle or gusty…just not cold.

    I love creating…taking something from the mind and putting it into the physical universe.

    I love fruit…especially juicy nectarines and peaches, watermelon and cherries.

    I love the sound of laughter.

    I like being able to wear summer clothes an flip flops 10 months out of the year.

    • Those are really good lists. I agree with them. Thank you for taking the time to think these through and share. I was amused by your like of wind. Last evening the air was calm before dinner. Thru the night it became stronger and colder from the northwest gusting up to 40 at times. I suspect you would not like it and not wear flip flops out in it.

      Have a great day and week ahead.

      • Oh., but I would — depending on how cold it was, that might have been the deterrent. I don’t mind brisk but I don’t like it when it hurts to breath.

  3. That is one thorny tree! I agree about the deer. They eat just about everything that isn’t fenced. They even came right up to the front door and ate the cedar swag Lisa made at Christmas. I agree with your likes. In our neck of the woods good teachers are hard to come by. Unfortunately much of the apathy found in our school district is passed down from the executives at the top.

    • I bet the deer would venture inside if you left the door open. I’ve seen stories about deer breaking through patio doors, getting cut, and spreading blood all over the house as they try to escape. What a mess.

      We are blessed here with a healthy supply of able and very qualified teachers. The U of Iowa is here drawing many for advanced degrees. You’re fortunate to land a teaching job. They get filled quickly.

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