Concave Mirror | Virtual Images

Time for a physics lesson. I picked up a little 3″ diameter concave makeup mirror and looked at myself up close. It enlarged my image and looked upright. I extended my arm slowly while looking at myself and noticed my image got bigger and blurry. As I moved the mirror farther, my image inverted and started to get smaller again. I wondered how my image would look if the mirror was across the room. I stood it on the mantle in front of the clock. I was barely visible.

I zoomed the camera lens for a better look. Clearly, my image was inverted, reduced, and appeared behind the surface of the mirror. Images behind the mirror surface are known as virtual images. Your image in the bathroom mirror is virtual. But, it is not inverted. It is reversed right to left. That is called a perverted image.

I set the camera on a tripod and zoomed all the way in while recording video. The result was interesting. Next time, I will try a different way to make an image with this concave mirror. Stay tuned.


9 thoughts on “Concave Mirror | Virtual Images

  1. Very interesting experiment. I think physic talks us so much about our life and is an answer for many happenings. My English is not the best, I hope you understand what I mean :). Have a nice day! 😉 bilere

    • I agree with you. It is the reason why I enjoyed teaching physics to my students. You English is fine. I understood all of what you said. I will have a nice day. My wife and I will help others learn some English who are new to this country. 🙂

  2. Very interesting! I will definitely remember the image I see of myself in the mirror is a ‘perverted image’. I bet you thought you had seen the last of snickering students. 🙂

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