Noon @ Ollantaytambo

We climbed the 245 steps to the top of the Inca ruins at Ollantaytambo in Peru and reached the Temple del Sol. It was noon with the sun high overhead. Someone looked up and noticed an ice ring encircling the sun. I had to capture this photo.

I grew up and continue to live at about 40-42˚ north latitude in the center of the U.S. The sun has never been directly overhead. But now, at noon about 13˚ south latitude, the sun was nearly straight up. I looked down to my feet and saw something I’d never seen before. My shadow was directly below me. That was fun to see.


14 thoughts on “Noon @ Ollantaytambo

  1. Wonderful pics! Just think of all those times when you were a kid trying to race and step on your own shadow. You finally did it no problem!

  2. Isn’t that a fun experience? When I was in Liberia, I was at 7˚ N, and we did a good bit of shadow play there, too. Until Eliza mentioned it, I’d forgotten how quick the sunrises and sunsets happened. Sunrise seemed to be longer, because the birds would begin chittering and singing long before it was truly light.

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