Eye of Michael | ISS View | 10 Oct 2018

ISS View of Michael

According to NASA, cameras outside the International Space Station captured views of Hurricane Michael at 12:58 p.m. EDT Oct. 10 from an altitude of 255 miles. The eye was making landfall with winds of over 150 mph as a category 4 storm. This video is part of a longer video captured from their YouTube channel. It is about double normal speed. The view is directly down into the eye.

3-D View of Eye

I got two screen captures of the view down into the eye a few seconds apart. They are from slightly different directions due to the rapid speed of the ISS. The two images were sized the same and placed side-by-side in the image below.

If you are able to do the parallel viewing method, stare through this image at a distance. The images for your right and left eyes should merge into a third one in the center. The center one is a 3-D view down into the eye. Be patient. It might take a few moments for the effect to become easily seen. I can see the water surface below a thin cloud deck. The walls of the eye are steep and tall.

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