In the Pine Woods

Fourteen years ago I walked to a pine woods not far from our backyard. New construction was taking place. I wanted to get some images of the pine trees before they were cut down. Lots of other trees were removed as new streets and lots were installed. I am glad to say these pines are still there.

For the images of the tall pines, I wanted a different perspective. I chose a spot with a good view upward. Lying on my back, I shot about 10 pictures up into the trees. The images were overlaid so the trunks and branches were in good alignment. The end result was very close to how I saw it.

Click to embiggen

14 thoughts on “In the Pine Woods

  1. Trees. Isn’t it interesting how these plants have played such a role in technology? Cured boards last for decades, even centuries when cared for! Yews make good bows, balsa makes rafts, bamboo makes a huge variety of products and structures, not to mention panda food. Pines produce more than construction material, e.g. tar and turpentine. Then of course, there’s paper. Oh my! Shades of John Muir! (pun intended) 😀

    • So true, Jim. Trees are our long-time friends. We need to care for them. Last night on the news I watched a segment about protection of trees in the Amazon. Huge parts are being cleared for agriculture. Our planet cannot breathe properly when the trees are removed.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Cool collage. I love looking up into the canopy. Trees are amazing for what they do for us. Wish more folks realized just how important they are.

  3. One of my favorite things to do as a child was to lay on my back in the hollow of a burned redwood and take pictures looking upward. These images of yours brought back fond memories.

    I am happy to say that the city that the project house is in requires a certain number of trees based on the size of your lot…our requirement is four. We couldn’t save the American elm but we recently planted a Drake elm, a maple and two crepe myrtles to go with the turkey oak we planted two years ago. I wish more city planning committees incorporated trees in their permits/plans.

    • I’m glad you have good memories about the trees. Our community has restrictions on what trees can be removed. I wish they were less lenient. I hope your new ones thrive.

      Thanks for your visit.

  4. One convenient thing about aiming straight up (or down) is that the resulting photographs have no “proper” orientation.

    Did you get a computer program to automatically align the images automatically or did you manually position the pictures?

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