More Than Stick People

While a classroom teacher, I drew a lot of stick people on the chalkboard to illustrate physics topics. I enjoyed posing those skinny characters. The students got a kick out of them.

Lately, I was curious about drawing more realistic things. What techniques would help me do that? Melanie suggested I sign up for a drawing class from Craftsy to find out. So I did.

The class was in 10 video lessons covering topics including pencils, charcoal, perspective, tone, shading, contours, value, and color. In each lesson, the teacher illustrated the topic and suggested assignments for practice. As my starter lesson, I drew this note clip made by my dad. Click any of the following images for more detail.

It turned out a bit short and squat. More practice and lessons were needed. I tried regular geometric shapes and a space scene. Better.

Our 7 year old grandson loves dinosaurs and his older sister loves her kitty.

Sidewalk chalk artists who do 3-D pictures amaze me. Some of their work inspired this cat and mouse scene.

One lesson suggested the use of a grid to get proportions correct. That technique helped on this photo of Dad holding tight to Mom’s hand.

The last class lesson explored the use of colored media such as crayons, watercolor pencils, and chalks. I used a photo of a pansy as my subject. It took a few days to finish the drawing.

I wondered what would happen if I didn’t add so much detail and tried to finish in a much shorter time? The left one took 15 minutes. The right one 5 minutes. I like the last one a lot.

I convinced myself that I can draw more than stick people. It is a soothing activity allowing mindful attention to the task. Thanks, Melanie, for nudging me in this direction.

14 thoughts on “More Than Stick People

  1. Very interesting way to learn to draw. A drawing group is a good way to learn more and get support. Maybe you would enjoy that? Great start to a new expression!

  2. Amazing work for just starting out! I think they are better than I could do, and I have an art degree. Although your stick people are great too, they have good proportion and expression!

  3. Your last stick figure made me laugh. Clearly, you enjoyed your achievements! I especially like the kitty, although the pansies are cool, too. I like the last two pansies that were done more quickly. They seem to have an “attitude” that’s really pleasing.

    • I did enjoy them. The kitty was drawn from a picture by granddaughter sent. It took a lot of study and focus. I agree about the ‘attitude’ of the pansies. Thanks for your feedback. I value it.

  4. That’s AWESOME! You are quite the artist now! You just never know what you can do. I took art classes and drafting when I was in high school but haven’t drawn much since other than landscaping on graph paper or plans. GREAT JOB! Thanks, Melanie! 🙂

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