Black Point Wildlife Drive

Our view of a very low-tech place near the space coast.

Our View From Iowa

by Melanie and Jim

On our last full day in Florida, we headed to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge north of Kennedy Space Center. The wildlife site is accessible from the town of Titusville. After crossing the causeway from Titusville, we turned onto the Black Point Wildlife Drive. This is a seven-mile, one-way drive through marshlands.

As the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service says, it “provides an excellent place to see waterfowl (in season), wading birds, shorebirds and raptors. Alligators, river otters, bobcats, various species of snakes, and other wildlife may be visible as well.” We saw no bobcats or snakes, and the velociraptors were hiding. But there were plenty of birds and alligators to enjoy. Zoom/drag or turn your phone in this interactive for a typical view of the area.

This Great Blue Heron stalked some lunch while we passed. It gave us some great views.


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3 thoughts on “Black Point Wildlife Drive

    • I’ve discovered one inaccuracy in the instructions. Step 3 says “In the top left corner, click the Menu [whose icon looks like a stack of three horizontal line segments].” I found that when I switched to street view, no such menu icon showed up in the top left corner. There was, however, a small dark box containing the address I’d looked up. In the upper right of that small box were three white dots stacked vertically. That turned out to be the icon to click on for the menu that offers the option to “Share or embed image.”

      • I was able to figure out how to embed those views. There is one in the first part of this post viewing the marsh area from an elevated stand. I like the realism they add.

        Thanks for your notes here. They help to clarify what to do.

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