Jim’s Star | A Daughter’s Gift

Many years ago our youngest daughter used the International Star Registry to name a star for me. I received a nice certificate and a map showing where the star was located. Its coordinates were given as well as the magnitude. I never could find it with the equipment I owned. Based on the coordinates given in the certificate, it is indicated by the yellow markers somewhere in Pisces in this image from the screen of my desktop software.

In order to give a sense of perspective about where this star is located, I zoomed out from that spot while recording a video of the screen. As the view widens, the Pleiades and then Orion appear at the left. Note the movements of the mouse pointer.

My next step to locate the star with a telescope. I will try with the U of Iowa Gemini telescope in Arizona. It should be able to see it with a long enough exposure.

6 thoughts on “Jim’s Star | A Daughter’s Gift

  1. You know, I haven’t heard the Star Registry advertised this year. It’s been a staple of before-Christmas radio ads for years. In any event, I hope you find your star — what a nice thought that is.

    • Last night we were outside watching for Geminid meteors. One of our group had a set of night-vision goggles like the military use. Wow! What a splendid view and show. The dimmest meteors were easily visible. If I could use them to search for my star, I might make some progress. 🙂

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