Apollo 11 | How It Got Started

The first 30 seconds of the Apollo 11 launch which transported astronauts to the first Moon landing. It is an awesome display of power and energy. Best viewed full screen on a big monitor.


5 thoughts on “Apollo 11 | How It Got Started

    • Interesting wiki entry. I watched a live launch by Orbital a few months ago. It seems a good alternative for smaller payloads. Like many systems, as they grow in size you reach problems of diminishing returns, cost, safety, and feasibility. A lot is at stake.

      Thanks for your comments, Jim.

  1. This was interesting, and well worth the time. There was one unexpected connection. When Jim mentioned the ablative paint, my first thought was of Latin class, and the ablative case. There’s no way I can explain the ablative now, or its several uses, but when I looked up the etymology of the word, there’s no doubt the paint and the complexities of the Latin language are related.

      • I still remember some of my Catholic friends joking around with their versions of the liturgy when we were grade-school age. Most of the lines are gone now, but I still remember “Dominus vominus tootsie pop.” When I told that to one of my faithful Catholic friends some time ago, she couldn’t stop laughing. She grew up and went to Catholic school in Minnesota in the same era, and she knew the response: “Licorice jellybeans, two-oh.” Kids!

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