Hovercraft | Homemade

Would you like to ride on a nearly friction-free vehicle? You can make one with some plywood, plastic sheeting, duct tape, blower, and basic tools. Most of the students in my high school physics classes were seniors. Because their graduation was about a week prior to the end of the school year, I still had several juniors in each class for several more days. They were asked to do a project of their choosing and demonstrate it on their last day. In 2002, a student built a working hovercraft similar to this one. I got to be a test dummy for her project. It was great fun.

Recently, we vacationed in Yellowstone Park. On our return trip, we visited that former student whose family has remained good friends with us. She was going through some boxes of old photos and discovered three she knew I would enjoy seeing. She was correct.

Basic instructions

  • Plywood sheet 4 ft wide with a hole large enough to accept blower hose. Tape it in tight.
  • Heavy-duty plastic sheet taped securely around the rim and under the plywood.
  • Cut 8-10 one inch diameter holes in the plastic sheet spaced uniformly.
  • Sit in the center, turn on the blower, and glide away.


5 thoughts on “Hovercraft | Homemade

  1. Wonderful post! It must have been nice to reconnect with a former student and friend. May I suggest that the hovercraft should have been fitted with a carpet on the bottom so you looked like a magic genie floating across the floor.

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    • I could photoshop that in. Yes it was good to see her. She lived across the street from us nearly 20 years ago. She helped give our son instrument lessons when was just starting. She and her mom have remained good friends.


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