Crepuscular Rays

I looked out the window just before sunset while visiting family near Boulder Colorado. The low sun angle cast a beautiful set of crepuscular rays across the sky. I love seeing those rays of light. I knew the moment would not last long. Our host had the only readily available camera in her phone. She got the photo and sent it to me to share. Do you like it?

11 thoughts on “Crepuscular Rays

  1. Nice! My own favorite in this category is one that I shot in the Caribbean (Tobago Keys as I recall) with clouds behind the horizon casting radiating shadows on the bottoms of a layers of small broken clouds in an orange sunset glow. I should look that picture up again.

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  2. I like the photo and I like the word as well, “crepuscular.” It rolls nicely off the tongue. It’s interesting that the Romans had such a word to describe twilight. To make a special word for a common natural condition reminds me that people two thousand years ago were no less thoughtful, complicated and poetic than are we.

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    • So true about our ancestors. About the only difference is the tools and rapidity of our communications. Not always a good thing in my opinion.


  3. Whenever I see these rays I’m reminded of what my sister said when we were kids. We were driving on the highway and saw the rays. She pointed to them and said, “Mommy look, holy spirit.” I think she was 10 or so. 🙂


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