Monarchs and Milkweeds

I was happy to see results in my milkweed patch.

Our View From Iowa

In the summer of 2015 I transplanted some local varieties of milkweed to a small patch in my garden next to the rain barrel. They were shocked by being dug up. I watered and they survived. In the summer of 2016 they all came up looking healthy. I was hopeful for visits by Monarch butterflies. I never saw evidence of any. If you aren’t familiar with milkweed, this link will help. When damaged, they bleed a white sap.

This year in 2017 the plants are nearly 6 ft tall and strong. I put a 4 ft tall piece of fencing around them so they wouldn’t blow over. This picture shows them in the center in full bloom. The second picture shows their flowered tops.

Milkweeds and Monarch butterflies have a special relationship. The butterflies over-winter in Mexico. In spring, they head north then northeast into the US following the maturation…

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2 thoughts on “Monarchs and Milkweeds

  1. I have this fantasy in my head of following the great Monarch migration. How amazing would that be to walk the path of the butterflies and see as much of the earth as possible before their destination? Thank goodness for Google earth, huh? 🙂

    You know that doll house I’m building, the one with the living roof ? When not constructing, I’ve collected original miniature art that will go inside. I’ve also started cutting out butterflies from old wallpaper samples to go on the wall behind the house. Following the path of butterflies has been on my heart for a very, very long time. There’s a stream of butterflies in some of my photos where all the plants are but I’m not sure if I’ve ever pointed it out. They’re dainty, an accent more than a display. 🙂

    One last thing. Alright, so I’ve got this 6 drawer dresser thingamabob in my dining room which is where I do all my gardening. Well, recently I’ve been exploring options to open one of the drawers and sit plants inside it so that they flow over the top. I’ve seen it done before and would love to try it. I think I’d want to try succulents or something. I’ve got the lighting for it and they are disability friendly plants. Thank goodness that dresser is prepared for the likes of me. Nothing is completely safe from rot and mold, but I have taken measures.

    An entry enjoyed.

    Smiles to you and yours,

    • Butterflies are remarkable creatures. The emerge from a metamorphosis of worm larva to beautiful light winged beings. How the Monarch flies so far is a miracle.

      I have a small ivy plant in a pot on the mantle. It is a slow grower. I think it would be a nice plant in the top drawer of your dresser. The ivy vines would drape down nicely.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the entry. That, after all, it the point. I feel good to have read your words.

      Peace to you… Jim

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