Strawberry Moon | Micromoon | 9 Jun 2017

Moonrise for me last evening was 8:42 pm. I went out at 9:10 to see if the sky to the east was clear giving a view. Saturn was supposed to be positioned close to the right of the Moon. It was very hazy. The Moon was not bright and Saturn was not visible to me. I went back in the house for the camera and tripod. These two photos are at 9:20 and 9:21 with the Moon framed by some trees low to the horizon.

9:20 pm CDT

9:21 pm CDT

I went back inside to wait for the Moon to rise above some of the haze. When I returned at 9:59, the conditions were better. There was still a hazy glow near the Moon. I liked the effect. How about you?

9:59 pm CDT

Timing is everything, so I’ve heard. This moon coincides with the ripening of strawberries. Hence the name Strawberry Moon.

Much has been written in recent years about super-moons. That occurs when the Moon is at its nearest distance from Earth at full moon. This time, the Moon was at its farthest from Earth when full. The term mini-moon or micro-moon has been applied by some for this event. For more information about this full-moon, follow this link to The following image compares a super to a micro moon. See this link for details.

Astronomy Picture of the Day | Catalin Paduraru


9 thoughts on “Strawberry Moon | Micromoon | 9 Jun 2017

  1. The ripening of strawberries? We started gorging ourselves on strawberries in February, and the strawberry festivals are only a memory. Strawberry season’s over here.

    So… whoever named the strawberry moon didn’t live in Texas. I was curious, so I went looking, and found it was the Algonquin tribe, who lived in present-day New England, parts of Canada, and around the Great Lakes. That explains that. We’d have to call it the blackberry moon. I picked blackberries last night, but didn’t get to see the moonrise.

    My only little grump is that I wish they’d stop with mini-moons and super-moons. Every time I hear “super moon” I think about McDonald’s. On the other hand, I love your creative “strawberry moon.”

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  2. Sometimes things are disappointing. Last year, the first weekend in June, we made a point of attending the Rhubarb Festival in Aledo, IL.
    Suzy Bogguss is from there and was going to perform for free. We got there early and hungry. They were all out of rhubarb baked items!

    I have a blackberry plant at the corner of the yard. It is loaded with small growing berries. In about 2 weeks, we should have some to put on ice cream or cereal.

    I’m glad you liked the photo.

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