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Thank you to those who visit regularly, comment, engage in friendly discussions, or write interesting posts. I look forward to those interactions. You provide insights into things new and different. You reinforce the feelings of community much needed by all of us.

I am part of the Facebook world. It helps keep our large extended family in touch. My friends list is not long by choice. Over the recent years, my family had our share of disagreements and squabbles which are normal for any family. We set some ground rules of behavior. Most of the time we share and behave ourselves.

I have a Twitter account. Weeks can go by between tweets or checking in to see what’s up. I follow several people in science and astronomy. Their tweets during special events are often the most up to date and accurate.

The Facebook and Twitter worlds have changed a lot lately. With the November election, I noticed trends of increased activity on both sites. It increased more with the Inauguration in January. Now the stir, buzz, and noise going on in those social media sites is remarkable. Nearly all of the turmoil is connected to politics. I’m surprised by the sheer volume and intensity. People are saying and sharing some amazing things. I go there less often and spend less time looking. I don’t need that tension and stress.


I am happy to say I have not seen the same trend in my WordPress community. It is likely happening somewhere. But, the people I know seem to be maintaining this venue as before. You still write about the things you find interesting and important to you. You still comment thoughtfully about what others have written. You still stop in, if only briefly, to leave a Like. Thank you.

This post is not meant to stir up discussion and argument about politics or personalities. If you feel the need, please refrain and go elsewhere. Instead, it is my way of saying how much I appreciate having exchanges about many other things that are also important in our lives.

That’s how I see it.

Peace … Jim

11 thoughts on “Buzz | Noise | Stir | Tension

  1. Yes to all of the above! I’ve had to step away from FB – we’ve already had a schism open up in the family because of it. I, too, am grateful to our WP bloggers who are keeping it sane!


  2. There has been an increase in the number of thoughtful, well-written articles about the corrosive effects of social media. Politics is only part of it. The increasing use of the platforms for fomenting violence or spreading misinformation are equally troublesome.

    I’ve stayed away from Facebook for a variety of reasons, but do maintain a presence on Twitter. For the most part, I only tweet new post notifications, and occasional responses to the people I follow. Twitter wars? Spare me. And I’ve learned never to click on trending topics. 🙂

    Like you, I appreciate the ability to follow specialists in various fields, as well as some literary journals, local organizations, and meteorologists who provide far better forecasts than local media. It’s a useful tool — but like all tools, has to be handled with care.

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  3. Just so you know, I depend on your blog to stay on topic. I know I’m not going to catch (or go looking for) moon photos and other things for, which I have no proper words to identify. I love this stuff. I appreciate the way you write it. Yes, yes, you are … a lover of statistics…and sometimes there are nerd moments but I really enjoy your blog. I don’t have nerdophobia so we’re good. The world needs art and science and history and hippies.

    Like you, I keep my FB numbers down and I don’t let people on my page who are overly political or overly religious. I need not feed on the amount of trauma going around, trauma I’m touched by and feel, but I still don’t need to see it 24 hours a day.

    I’m on blogs for art and science, not hatred. I’m not on Twitter cause I could never stay within the character requirement. I’m not a girl of a few words.


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    • It is good to read your comments. Yes, I do get into the nerd moments regularly. It’s fun there. I try to stay on topic with science, astronomy, and the threat of climate change. At times like these, I get clogged up by the ignorance and venom that seems to flow constantly from some.

      I enjoyed your comments. Art and Science, Humanities, etc, are all so very important. Thanks for giving them a plug. I think we could have some very interesting discussions if we ever sat down face to face. For now, let’s keep going this way. It is always good to hear from you.

      Peace… Jim

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  4. I completely agree. It’s hard to stay away sometimes. I do all i can to avoid politics in my blog and other writing, but there are days when things slip in. It is a tough time, but i find the work of many of the bloggers i read to be a refuge or even just a short vacation from all of that noise. I hope i retrurn the favor with my writing. I’m planning on stepping away from Facebook, too, for a bit. Thanks for the reminder that there’s more to things than the mid coming from DC.

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  5. The availability of knowledge has never been greater nor more accessible in all of human history, but false news and blatant lying are similarly growing. That leads to wide-spread confirmation bias. The National Enquirer is not the same as the Washington Post, but I have to wonder these days which is more respected by the average citizen.

    It is consistently-dependable sources like yours, Jim, that help keep us upright in these stormy seas. Keep up the good work!

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