Viewed From Above | From Below

From Above…

A 100 meter telecommunications tower stands near my home. I looked at it from above via Google Earth. The shadow extends to the left. The support cables barely show on a good monitor but not in this small image. A car is rounding the curve at the upper left.


From Below…

To see the tower from below, I went for a walk and approached from the upper right part of the previous image. Being close instead of a few hundred miles away makes the details clearer.






That’s How I See It. Thanks for looking.

9 thoughts on “Viewed From Above | From Below

  1. I bet if you didn’t know how tall that tower was you could have figured it out without much problem. Thanks for mentioning Aeolian Harp. I had never heard of that term. Will think of it now when I hear a tune played by the wind. You made my day. It is fitting it has a name. Take care.

    • Yes. I could do that. I bet you could, too.

      It is good to end my day feeling successful about making your day. Thanks for letting me know.

    • That was very interesting. Thank you. Be careful not to open the bag of ‘ill-winds’. You don’t know what troubles may come.

      As a kid on the farm, I recall a couple of occasions when ice formed on power lines. The wind started blowing steadily across them. They started to vibrate up and down, eventually touching causing our power to flicker and disappear.

      The Tacoma Narrows bridge in 1940 was a classic example of a huge harp.

  2. Whenever I see a close-up of one of these towers (not just this sort) it makes me think of insects. Doesn’t it look like man has imitated nature (or vice-versa, which to my mind is more interesting.)

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