Comet 45P | Near New Moon

There were many news stories about the appearance of New Year’s Eve Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdušáková in the evening sky near the western horizon. After dinner, I walked my camera and tripod a block away and set up to try imaging the comet. It was to appear somewhere in the field to the left of the thin crescent Moon in this simulated view.

Simulated view by Stellarium

View simulated by Stellarium

I tried several images changing the zoom, ISO, field of view, and shutter speed. I got no evidence of the comet. It was too dim to detect even after several enhancements using Photoshop. If it is clear again tonight, I might try viewing with my telescope instead.

I did salvage one very nice image of the thin crescent new Moon. I’m always glad to see it.



10 thoughts on “Comet 45P | Near New Moon

  1. Wonderful shot of the moon Jim! The comet sounds like a difficult one to get a photograph of. We are clouded over, but I doubt if I could get it anyway with my wide angle lens. My feed to your site gives me suggestions of similar posts you have written. I noticed you photographed Comet Lovejoy a couple of years ago. I had to chuckle because I did the same thing on the same day. Of course that was before we had discovered each others blogs. Here is a link to my post if you are interested:

  2. Thanks. And thanks for your link. Catching comets is fun. But most are dim and fuzzy. Too bad they aren’t all like Hale-Bopp. Now that was a good one.

  3. When I read about this comet, I wondered if you’d be able to sight it. I suppose the good news is that there are others on the way, although I can’t remember if they’re supposed to be more or less visible. The good news is that the moon always is there, and this is a fine photo of it.

  4. It was cloudy here, so I didn’t even have a chance at seeing anything. That’s really a terrific photo of the moon. The early phases are always great to see, you’re right. Happy new year, Jim.

  5. […] Hey, happy new year, sky fans! I hope things are off to a good start. Did any of you have a chance to try to see the Comet 45P on Friday night? Any luck? It was overcast here, so I couldn’t see anything at all beyond the blanket of clouds. Lots of other people and a blogger whose work I like quite a bit, Jim Reubush got a photo of the gorgeous crescent. […]

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