Moon | Jupiter | Spica | 26 Nov 2016

I offer this peaceful view of the morning sky. The crescent Moon at lower left aligned with Jupiter and the star Spica in a slender triangle at 6:25 am. Jupiter is at the upper right. Spica is almost directly below Jupiter and equidistant from the Moon. Spica is difficult to see because of the twilight. Click for a larger view.


The waning Moon always offers a nice view first thing in the morning from my front window.



9 thoughts on “Moon | Jupiter | Spica | 26 Nov 2016

  1. Spica is a bright star in constellation Virgo, from Latin, literally “ear of grain” as the ancients visualized the constellation, she held an ear of grain. “Spike” is also “sharp point”, and a grain ear is the grain-bearing tip part of the stem of a cereal plant, such as wheat or maize.

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