Supermoon | 14 Nov 2016

Much has been written about this morning’s Supermoon. If you missed it, there is another December 13. The moon doesn’t orbit the earth in a perfect circle. It is a bit eccentric making it closer and farther from earth than average by a few % during each orbit. Today, just before sunrise, it was at its closest at nearly the same time as when it was full. Both events combined to make this the largest full moon since 1948 by a slight amount. I went out before 6 am to document it. A parking lot nearby gave an unobstructed view to the west where the moon was close to the horizon. It was also aligned with a radio tower to provide an interesting reference frame.


There were a few high thin clouds passing by to make photographing a bit more of a challenge. The parking lot allowed me to move around and compose different views like this one.


Some clouds drifted by after I reset the exposure on the moon making an interesting effect.



The clouds moved on and clear sky returned. I walked to my left to silhouette two of the cables as chords across the face of the moon.


I returned to put the tower directly in front for this next to last photo.


The moon deserved to be the center of attention with no distractions for this final photograph.



13 thoughts on “Supermoon | 14 Nov 2016

  1. Wonderful shots Jim. I am going to try to get some shots tomorrow, but it will be iffy with all the cloud cover. However, I can see the moon as I type this, so maybe! Bob

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  2. Great stuff, Jim. Thanks for posting. I didn’t get to see the it the big night, myself. There was a deep overcast most of the night, and then rain the whole next day. The night before was really terrific, though. Ah well. As you say, December’s is also a perigee full Moon.

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